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Thousands of residential life staff improve campus housing with Residence.

Residence is the answer to all your housing needs.

Make it simple for students and staff to perform daily, housing-related tasks– all while improving the on-campus housing experience.

Simplify more complex housing processes, like room change requests, special accommodations, early move-ins and more.

Collect and share key student data to help you enhance the overall housing experience and support campus safety.

Manage all aspects of housing

Perform all residential tasks and processes in one place.

Implement workflows

Decrease staff work by setting automated workflows so you can focus on residents.

Collect key data

Store up-to-date student information and keep campus leaders informed by sharing important student data.

Integrate campus partners

Keep all campus departments on the same page by integrating student information systems and other third party applications.

Placement Management

Easily slide students in and out of rooms and provide unlimited custom meal plans.

Smart Assignment Engine

Simplify your assignment process with a sophisticated and precise room lottery algorithm.

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Run reports to gather key student data and share reports with partners like campus safety or student conduct staff.

Roommate Networking

Customize the roommate matching process and facilitate connections with a built-in social network that allows students to find compatible roommates.


From special housing accommodations to winter break stay requests to RA staff selections, our easily customizable application creation makes it easy to automate any housing process.

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Room Conditions

Track room condition status and access a real-time key inventory.


Data Synchronization

Do you use Ellucian, Oracle, Jenzabar or another enterprise platform? We deliver sophisticated integration with student information and financial systems via web services, sFTP, and other methods.


N K C Bk I E I Benassi NA Pink N JDI 7 Make your software even easier to use by integrating your portal with single sign-on or shared authentication.

Automated Billing

Does your institution work with a merchant service vendor such as Stripe™ or PayPal™ for credit card processing? Symplicity is PCI compliant and has proven performance integrating with leading merchant services providers.

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Colgate University Improves the Housing Experience with Residence

Residence makes it easy for students and residential life staff to communicate by keeping all housing tasks in one place. Day-to-day tasks and processes like room selection, managing assignments, selection windows, room condition reports, and inventory are made simple. We spoke to Office Manager of Residential Life at Colgate University Ashley Weaver about how Residence allows her office to efficiently collect the right data and streamline the housing process.


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Looking for a way to manage student conduct?
Learn about Advocate by Symplicity >>

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